Ancient Cultures

  • Ancient Mesopotamia This site gives information about important vocabulary; geography; the Sumerian City-state; The Ziggurat; cuneiform; Gilgamesh; Sargon l; Hammurabi of Babylon; Contributions of the culture.
  • Collapse of a Mesopotamian City This site contains information about why the Mesopotamian city of Mashkan-shapir collapsed after a short period of time.
  • Cuneiform Numbers At this site you can see what numbers looked like in Mesopotamia.
  • Internet Ancient History Sourcebook This site contains many primary source documents related to the history of Mesopotamia.
  • Map of Ancient Mesopotamia This site contains a drawing of the area considered ancient Mesopotamia.
  • Mesopotamia This site contains geographical and historical information about Mesopotamia.
  • Mesopotamia This site contains facts about Mesopotamia, discusses the development of writing, creation of civilization, Hammurabi's Code, and the Assyrians and Sumerians. There are many links to further information. The negative part of this site is that it contains advertising.
  • Mesopotamia This site contains information about ancient Mesopotamian culture, daily life, geography, government, and much more from The British Museum.
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