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Concert Etiquette

For many of us, these band concerts can be the first live music events of their kind that we have been to.  It is good to observe a few procedures of etiquette, so that we don't distract from the quality of performances.

Here are a few helpful guidelines that will help to ensure a positive concert experience for everybody:

  • Please applaud when appropriate (at the end of a piece)
    • During a piece that may contain multiple movements, applause is appropriate at the conclusion of the entire piece
    • Some pieces (especially at the elementary level) are very short.  Applause is appropriate after each individual piece is complete.
  • Please do not talk during performances.  Each group has worked very hard to create something for you, the audience.
  • If you need to leave the concert area to use the facilities, please do so discreetly and, preferably, do so during a break or a transition.
  • Please supervise young children appropriately throughout the entire event.  Do not allow them to run around during the event, and do not allow them into areas of the school that we do not have access to.
  • We understand that conflicts may exist, but please do what you can to ensure that your student stays to watch the entire event, especially if the middle school/high school groups will be playing (that will be them in a few years, and it's good for them to hear what that sounds like).


Please enjoy the concert!  Your students have worked very hard to make this possible for you and let's do everything that we can to make it a great experience for everybody!