Elementary Orchestra

Elementary Orchestra Information Night

Thursday, September 21st, 2023

Dickinson Elementary


We are so excited to meet your young musicians!  

Here is the timing for orchestra mornings:

7:30-7:40 The doors to Dickinson will be unlocked for the orchestra students.  After 7:40, kids will have to push the doorbell for the office manager to let them in. 

7:40-8:20 Class time.

8:20-8:25 Pack-up and head out to the busses.

8:25 Busses depart


Orchestra Schedule


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Experienced Orchestra

All Beginners Experienced Orchestra Beginning Violin Beginning Viola/Cello


Please drive to the front of the school and drop your child off where the flag poles are.  Your student can walk in from there.  Ms. Lyon or myself will be by the door the first week so kids know where to go. 


About Elementary Orchestra

Orchestra Registration





Contact Ms. Rachel Harris for all questions and concerns!