Meet our Principals

Mr. Roetcisoender - Principal

   It is a pleasure to serve as principal of Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School. My   career in education really began as a young child, listening to my father, also an     educator, talk about his work with students. His stories inspired me to become a   teacher as well. I chose a career in education, graduating from Washington State   University with a bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Graduate school soon   followed at the University of Washington. All of my thirty-five years of work in   public schools has been in the Lake Washington School District, thirteen years as a   classroom teacher and twenty-two years as an administrator.


I grew up in nearby Duvall on a dairy farm. My father both taught and farmed to support his family. Although some aspects of the farm life were fun, others were not. Rising early on cold mornings to work with cows had to be my least favorite activity. Having three hundred acres to roam was the best part of growing up in a rural environment. Farming does teach one how to work hard, persevere and handle the unexpected, all in all very good skills to have a teacher and principal.

I believe effective teaching is a combination of good planning, good instruction and the ability to have positive relationships with students. When these three things happen in the classroom, students benefit tremendously. As a principal, I promote these three key essentials with staff members.

I also believe in open, honest communication with all parties involved in a child’s education. You can always contact me with a concern or question. Problems happen. The best solutions come when we team together to support a child.

Steve Roetcisoender

Ms. Delia Villanueva